Wilmington VHF Association Repeaters


2m (144 MHz) Repeaters

146.820 (N4ILM) -- Known by locals as "22/82," this is the flagship WVHFA repeater. Located on a local Wilmington tower at about 1700 feet elevation, this system has a huge coverage footprint of about 90 miles. To minimize interference, a PL-tone of 88.5 is needed to activate the repeater. It is connected to the HamVoIP Linking Network allowing access to other repeaters throughout the world. NOTE: As of January, 2023, this repeater is setup split-site, with the transmitter temporarily being located at the Malmo location. This temporary change is due to TX hardware failure on the primary system. The original 146.22 RX is still in use.

146.730 (N4ILM) -- Located on a tower in Porter's Neck at approximately 280 feet elevation, this repeater was put back into service on July 26, 2006. The club purchased the repeater, antenna and duplexer. The tower contractor donated the coaxial cable and mounting hardware. An 88.5 PL-tone is required for access.

147.060 (N4ILM) -- Located on a broadcast tower near Malmo, NC, at approximately 600 feet elevation. The coverage area is only second to the 22/82 repeater and more upgrades are in progress now. NOTE: As of January, 2023, this repeater is temporarily off-line for upgrades. This split-site is temporarily in use for the 146.22 transmitter.



1.25m (220 MHz) Repeaters

224.680 (N4ILM) -- Installed in 2009, this was the primary CARES system repeater for Southeastern NC. It included linking capabilities to the CARES network for access between hospitals and other care providers, if needed. In 2022, this repeater ownership was transferred to the WVHFA, the system capabilites are now being upgraded. While the primary purpose of this system will continue to be for emergency communications, it is open for general purpose ham usage. This repeater is located on the same tower as the 22/82 system, at about 960 feet. A tone of 91.5 is required for access.



70cm (440 MHz) Repeaters

444.850 (N4ILM) -- Located at 1700 feet, on an adjacent tower leg to the 22/82 repeater. It requires a PL-tone of 88.5 for access.



Digipeaters / I-Gates / APRS

144.390 (N4ILM-4) -- Located on the same tower as the 22/82 repeater, this system is a simplex 1200baud Packet Radio Node for use with APRS. This system is at approximately 915 feet elevation and functions as a combined smart digipeater and APRS I-GATE (Internet Gateway).


Repeater Etiquette Guidelines

WVHFA Repeater Etiquette -- PDF download


Repeaters accessible in the Wilmington, NC vicinity

Local Repeaters -- PDF download

Regional Repeaters -- PDF download


Regional Repeaters -- Chirp CSV codeplug download


Packet Radio / APRS in the Wilmington, NC vicinity

Packet Radio Nodes -- PDF download